Behind the scenes…

Behind the scenes of a cool new project.

Curious to see the end result? Come and see us at the next Let’z Go Local market on the 3/4 October at the new Rotondes! #CelsiCréations #Honeydew

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Packed Vide dressing!

IMG_20141103_150916Yesterday’s Vide Dressing was… PACKED! Stands, clothes, shoes and bags eveywhere!

And for me it meant combining business with pleasure 🙂 I gave out some flyers & business cards, had some interesting chats & encounters. But it also meant 2 hours of baby & husband free shopping (!!)   AND new dresses and bags!

I call it my “ethical shopping”:

  • I can quench my thirst for new (yet cheap) clothes
  • i can give some pocketmoney to the lovely ladies for making the effort of coming to the maket and offering me their clothes
  • and we all recycle!

–> a total win/win/win situation for me, the ladies and the planet! 🙂

Also, with the help of the adorable Sonia, I also made a little test for a new feature soon available on Yourshop -> Business cards!

Sonia had a stand at the Vide Dressing. And when some people got tired of looking around, she offered them her business card, saying that they can see more from her clothes on… and on this business card was the direct link to her shop:

Sonia’s 60 cards were all gone in less than 45 minutes! She said that the feeback was very positive and would love to have more on her next market! YAY!

Meanwhile if you are on Yourshop and would like to have some businesscards for your next market, don’t hesitate to het in touch so we can get this done for you too!