Please meet…HONEYDEW

Yourshop is extremely happy to introduce you to a very talented luxembourgish Creator: HONEYDEW.

We fell in love with Honeydew’s style as soon as we saw it on!

Screenshot from 2015-10-09 15:50:52

If you were present at the last Letz go Local you might have noticed that we were presenting the work of 3 different luxembourgish Creators – one of them being HONEYDEW. (we will talk about the 2 other amazing Creations in the weeks to come) 😉


When we were thinking about our stand at the Letz Go Local, we thought about adding a short video showing the actual ’emerging’ of one of her Creations – a stylish Tablet Case (or book – or make up case).


It is amazing to follow step by step the making of a work of art – as i often think – when something is too well done, you can hardly believe that it is still handmade in Luxembourg 😉

Plese enjoy… and don’t hesitate to visit her brilliant work here:



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