Yourshop is extremely happy to introduce you (again) to the very talented luxembourgish Creator:



Silvia discovered the art of crochet a couple of years ago and was instantly hooked. She never stops improving, coming up with new ideas and challenging herself.  She does it with such love & passion that she has become one of the best selling Creators on We love her work. We find her talent and dedication outstanding and wanted to bring her out to the big public. That’s why she was also featured at our stand at the lase Letz Go Local.


Again, to bring her work even closer to you we made a little video showing the making of of one of her Creations – an adorable Owl…


Plese enjoy… and don’t hesitate to visit her amazing work here:




Please meet…HONEYDEW

Yourshop is extremely happy to introduce you to a very talented luxembourgish Creator: HONEYDEW.

We fell in love with Honeydew’s style as soon as we saw it on!

Screenshot from 2015-10-09 15:50:52

If you were present at the last Letz go Local you might have noticed that we were presenting the work of 3 different luxembourgish Creators – one of them being HONEYDEW. (we will talk about the 2 other amazing Creations in the weeks to come) 😉


When we were thinking about our stand at the Letz Go Local, we thought about adding a short video showing the actual ’emerging’ of one of her Creations – a stylish Tablet Case (or book – or make up case).


It is amazing to follow step by step the making of a work of art – as i often think – when something is too well done, you can hardly believe that it is still handmade in Luxembourg 😉

Plese enjoy… and don’t hesitate to visit her brilliant work here:



My love for Lush

About 3 years ago i wanted to change some things in my life.  Especially in my bathroom. I was sick of shampoo bottles, lotions, gels & creams.. and above all sick of the packaging.

The easiest replacement was shower gel. Easy peasy – I bought soap. First huge relief in my waste management strategy. But i needed more…My mission was set and to quench my thirst for simplicity.

That’s when, on one summer morning, my fate brought me to Grand-Rue, where a big slogan on a window attracted me:  Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

Through the window i saw a display of colorful & playful arrangement of things that actually looked like candy. The slogan and the colors attracted me inside and i could not believe the world i was discovering…


i-r36ws3K-XL i-NfFR4kv-XL

Waste-free. No animal testing. Handmade. All things i was looking for and agreeing with.

Here are some of my favorites:







Since that life-changing day, i also  have also become aware with what ‘fresh’ and ‘non packaged’ products mean:

  • they go bad a lot faster (well the nasty preservatives are missing – so yes, they go bad – just like your fresh food in the fridge)
  • they melt in the sun (blush)
  • they dissolve if you leave them in the shower (solid shampoo)
  • they can dry up if you don’t put them in a sealed container (deodorant)
  • and you have to be creative if you want to transport them.

so yes.. there are some prices to pay if you want to go ‘fresh’.

And here are some of my latest acquisitions –  they are not completely packaging-free but nevertheless better than what you find on the ‘normal’ market…





From this summer day on, i became an adept – and did not stop spreading the word.

But now, 3 years later i am looking for another word that doesn’t stop following me everywhere i go – NATURAL. yes, i am packaging free. yes, it’s not animal tested. yes, it’s handmade… but is it natural? is it simple? On the label i can still see lines and lines of ingredients that i don’t know and understand. What are all these ingredients? how can i eliminate them to become even.simpler?

My hunger rises. And again, I am on a mission.

Don’t get me wrong. Lush products are the best things you can find on the market.

But do i want to remain on the market?

With these thought in my mind, i stumble upon an amazing community: Orla Collective.
And again, a new world opens up…

stay tuned…