Yourshop is extremely happy to introduce you (again) to the very talented luxembourgish Creator:



Silvia discovered the art of crochet a couple of years ago and was instantly hooked. She never stops improving, coming up with new ideas and challenging herself.  She does it with such love & passion that she has become one of the best selling Creators on We love her work. We find her talent and dedication outstanding and wanted to bring her out to the big public. That’s why she was also featured at our stand at the lase Letz Go Local.


Again, to bring her work even closer to you we made a little video showing the making of of one of her Creations – an adorable Owl…


Plese enjoy… and don’t hesitate to visit her amazing work here:



Please meet…HONEYDEW

Yourshop is extremely happy to introduce you to a very talented luxembourgish Creator: HONEYDEW.

We fell in love with Honeydew’s style as soon as we saw it on!

Screenshot from 2015-10-09 15:50:52

If you were present at the last Letz go Local you might have noticed that we were presenting the work of 3 different luxembourgish Creators – one of them being HONEYDEW. (we will talk about the 2 other amazing Creations in the weeks to come) 😉


When we were thinking about our stand at the Letz Go Local, we thought about adding a short video showing the actual ’emerging’ of one of her Creations – a stylish Tablet Case (or book – or make up case).


It is amazing to follow step by step the making of a work of art – as i often think – when something is too well done, you can hardly believe that it is still handmade in Luxembourg 😉

Plese enjoy… and don’t hesitate to visit her brilliant work here:



happy new year!

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After much needed holidays in the sun, things have picked up again and i’m back on track.

New projects, new ideas, new meetings, new events, new people.

it never get quiet nor boring 🙂

Hence I’m a little late for wishing you all a happy 2015!


Des Kaisers Neue Kleider – Free your Clothes!

Last Saturday I co-organized my 3rd FREE YOUR CLOTHES party together with beautiful JoAnn! I am thankful for having met her a while back, and especially for her introducing me to these events! After having it in our garage for the 2 last times, we were lucky to have it at a public place this time. Thank you CAFE ROCAS for putting your space at our disposal!


So what are these parties about?

  • First of all, about clothes, and against the waste of it.
  • Second, about the fact that we can lessen our consumption by re-using other peoples clothes.
  • Then, it is also about the fact that we don’t always need to buy & sell – giving & receiving are really nice too 🙂
  • Then there is also the fact that we have use for our un-wanted clothes here in Luxembourg too! We don’t always have to send them abroad and overseas. The left-over of our events are going to different organisations as ‘Stemm vun der Stroos’ (Supporting the homeless) and the Foyer St Antoine (Home for Asylum Seekers) in Luxembourg.
    As a sample i put also some of the clothes on Yourshop as ‘Free items’ in my shop so that people get to see that Free Second Hand Clothes are not always dirty, ugly & un-wearable!


As we had enough space this time we organized men, women and kids corners. When people come in with clothes, we asked them to put them in the different corners. I am always worried about not having enough clothes, but my jaw dropped when i saw the suitcases full of neat, clean ironed (almost new) mens shirts to give away!

Usually people just want to get rid of their clothes, but do not expect to find such nice things to take. Look at the funky pullover i brought home with me:


My 3 year old Nuria also brought home a lovely floral top that she loves so much that she has been wearing non stop for 3 days straight 🙂

imag2910imag2913Stay tuned for our next event (sometimes in March). If you want to be notified when the date / place has been fixed, leave your name & e-mail address here below:

My different Communitites

Since I started this wonderful experience, I’ve had the chance to meet amazing people and communities. I really start to see that Luxembourg is indeed really diverse and rich in initiatives! We do have the spirit of entrepreneurship! And even if it’s really slow i can see and feel a difference from the Luxembourg of 4 years ago!

Let me tell you about some of the groups i have met.


As soon as i came back to Luxembourg 4 years ago i discovered the Free your stuff group on Facebook. You give – you get – no money involved. Very simple. I loved the concept! And since then, a number of baby groups appeared: Free you food, Free your land, Free you clothesFree your stuff kids, Free you stuff Luxembourg-City, Free Your Stuff Luxembourg Süden & Zentrum, …

Even though the groups are big today and involve many people for many different reasons, the core of these groups started with people who wanted a change. Open minded people who believed in an alternative to our even growing culture of mass consumption.

Here is a meeting i am co-organizing on Satuday: A FREE YOUR CLOTHES party. Bring the clothes you don’t wear anymore, set it free for someone else, and in return take whatever piece of clothing you want! On Satuday at the Rocas Cafe!

kaisers neue kleider


Let’s go local is an asbl that regroups local companies. In any field. At their markets you can meet designers, architects, photographs as well as bakers and web-platform-creators 😉 . Let’s go local made me discover amazing creators who struggle to find their place in Luxembourg. And these markets sure help them to them to get more visibility & enabling them out of the shades! Be sure not to miss their next Christmas market!



Silicon Luxembourg is a website dedicated to Start-Ups. When you enter that community you see that the luxembourgish entrepreneurial initiative is not as dead as it seems. They organize meet-ups, after work drinks, speed-dating with investors, breakfast conferences and talks. Fascinating if you want to enter the world of entrepreneurship!

They also wrote an article about us on their page a while ago 🙂


Mumpreneurs are entrepreneurial souls that try to find a balance between motherhood and professional life. Because Mums understand each other in a way that noone else can! Yes, you can bring your baby to a conference or a meeting! And if that baby cries during the meeting, there is understanding. I love that.

I believe firmly that it is important to find your balance after having children! You just cannot (or should not) expect your pre-children-life to continue unchanged after having a baby! (and this goes as well to fathers than to mothers!)

There was an interesting theory that when Mums start their Maternity leave, they are pulled out of their routine and see that there is an alternative possible to their stable-boring-everyday job. This moment (plus the fact that there is a new Baby-Job on the way) gives them the courage to throw themselves in a new adventure of creating their own company and starting a project that they actually love.

Here is a picture of the the last meeting of the group, together with another exciting organization: Girls in Tech!



Girls in Tech Luxembourg is focusing on the engagement, education and empowerment of women in technology. Although i am not fully involved in their community i find their activities really interesting and wouldn’t mind joining in if they organize another WordPress crash course!


Serve the City is a movement of volunteers serving in Luxembourg. They believe that many people doing small things together makes a big difference – and it does!

They babysit kids at the Foyer Sud so that the mothers get a little rest. They repaint the foyer to make it nicer for the asylum seekers. They visit the homeless with coffee and a nice chat. They assist autistic people by helping them to participate in a chosen activity. They hold DVD nights at the Foyer St Antoine. They organize sport events for the kids of the different Foyers.

Find all their different events HERE. And please if you do have a second to spare and what to make a little change, do not hesitate to participate! … oh how i wish i had discovered such an organization when i was young and free!


Blogger_Lu is a group that tries to unite and promote luxembourgish bloggers. Actually meeting the group motivated me to start writing again, something that i had done before when i was abroad in Australia or Chad, but once i was back home, i dropped it, which was a shame…

The group organizes regular meetings, events, and even classes to promote the blogging scene in Luxembourg. The fan page made me also discover these talented writers and photographs that i enjoy following now:

  • Barefoot in Luxembourg not only has a cool blog-name but also writes about events and  places in a cool and cozy way that i really enjoy reading.
  • Sweetness in the city has a fresh, funny, & sparky way to talk about fashion and events that makes me smile, sometimes even laugh!
  • Anna Katina – a very very talented photographer
  • Scrambled Nest – a creative blog about DIY
  • My little fashion diary – an interesting blog for fashion lovers. Emilie is actually the only person in Luxembourg (i know of) who is living off her blog, which is (entrepreneurially) amazing! There is actually a whole world of blogger-sphere out there with managers and agencies who hire bloggers to advertise different brands! Craaazy world wide web out there!

Here is a picture of the blogger event i attended – a LUSH Breakfast & Visit. I did not expect it at all, but it turned out to be a little Press-Conference! I was so unprepared and have to admit that i was the ONLY one there WITHOUT a camera! Look at all these professional bloggers 🙂


The visit was brilliant! I am a fervent Lush user and will soon post about all my Lush experiences!